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View of the Wenatchee River in the Fall

The Planning Association of Washington (PAW) is a grassroots educational organization serving the needs of planning commissioners, elected officials, tribes, special purpose districts, private sector firms, state agencies, students, and interested citizens.

PAW provides the following services to its membership and the citizens of Washington state:

  • The Short Course on Local Planning, sponsored in conjunction with the Washington Department of Commerce.
  • Twenty Short Course presentations per year, bringing planning know-how to large and small communities across the state.
  • Regional Short Courses on locally-relevant planning topics as requested by jurisdictions and communities.
  • An annual conference that provides up-to-date information on topics of interest to anyone involved in community planning in Washington state.
  • Land Use Boot Camps that focus on timely issues and include land use law and practice updates.
  • Free electronic copy of the Short Course Manual via the Department of Commerce, or on request of Anne Fritzel at shortcourse@commerce.wa.gov
  • PAW/American Planning Association Washington Chapter Joint Awards Program, recognizing exemplary planning efforts in Washington State.


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